Hi, I'm Hannah!

I’m an adventurer at heart and have been lucky enough to photography people in multiple states across the US from North Carolina to California. 


(Fun) Facts about me

  • I love Fall, as does (almost) every Midwesten’er.
  • If I had to pick one beverage to drink for the rest of my life it would be coffee. Black, no sugar.
  • I’m terrified of crickets and grasshoppers. 
  • I once had to be rescued by a lifeguard in the Pacific Ocean due to a riptide. 
  • I’d move to Utah in a heartbeat (so if you’re from Utah or want to elope to Utah…let’s talk)
  • My phone occasionaly refers to me as “Princess Consuela Banana Hammock” if you get that reference we are going to be the best of f.r.i.e.n.d.s